Dedicated to understanding  the remarkable emotional, social and mental abilities of birds, and the unsuspected richness of their societies.

Wind turbines make bat lungs explode

Sorry to be posting a 'downer', but I think everyone needs to be aware of the horrible consequences of installing wind turbines. These machines look peaceful, but they are terrible killers.

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Our Sweet Maggie Magpie (2000 - 2009)

 Today we share some sad news with our readers.

Maggie looking beautiful

Our darling Maggie magpie has passed on. He had been looking unwell for a few weeks. He was not limping but looked stressed, so at first we thought he might have sprained himself in a joust with the birds in the gully and would recover in time with a bit of rest and relaxation.

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Welcome, Human Friends!

Welcome to Winged Hearts, the site dedicated to understanding and friendship with our fellow travellers on planet Earth. Brought to you by the Australian Magpie, Maggie, and his friends.


Meet Maggie

  • Maggie is a real bird
  • He lives in the Australian bush
  • All his friends are real
  • All their stories are true
Maggie's photo
Waterbirds taking off from the nearby dam        

Not Just a Bird...

Just some of the many remarkable things Maggie has taught us that we humans just don't even imagine to be possible.

  A Rosella pays a visit to the back yard

Birds I View

Our observations of the nearby Australian native birds that let us do a photo shoot.

Maggie, Dimpy and others sit on the clothes line together on a cold, wet day  

Feathery Tales

True stories of individual birds we know by name, and real-life stories about bird-bird and bird-human friendships.

  A wallaby mum with Joey in the pouch


Stories about the non-birds who share Maggie's realm with him.

A babler searches for insects amongst the loose rocks of the retaining wall  

Winged Tips

Helpful hints about birds, just as Maggie and his friends explained to us!

  Maggie spies something very interesting in the water bowl

The Sticky Beak

Maggie's cam turns its gaze on the activities of the birds in their daily lives.

Larry the pied butcherbird on the power wire  

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