Waiter! There's a Goanna in My Water Bowl!

What's that loud rustling of leaves under the frangipani tree?  The miners are screeching and the butcherbirds sound like they are gargling!  The sound of a plastic bowl tipping over reaches us as we run to the front door just in time to catch a glimpse of the majestic creature searching for water.  Yes, it's a goanna.  He catches sight of us from the corner of his eye and rushes across the lawn, with the birds close behind giving chase and alerting the rest of the community of his whereabouts.  Ron manages to grab the camera and follow him out of the yard, into a tree, where he can hide against the dark tree trunk.  The miners are not fooled though.  They are clever at spotting danger and are determined to keep their nests safe. 

View the slideshow to see the shots Ron captured. 

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Previous Slide 1/12 NextGoannaIsn't this a majestic creature?Isn't this a majestic creature?GoannaTime to make a dash for itTime to make a dash for itGoannaCatch me if you can!Catch me if you can!GoannaAlmost out of the yardAlmost out of the yardGoannaPhew! where should I go next?Phew! where should I go next?GoannaHere's a good treeHere's a good treeGoannaShould be able to hide hereShould be able to hide hereGoannaAlmost like the barkAlmost like the barkGoannaPerhaps if I can get higherPerhaps if I can get higherGoannaBut the miners are not fooled - they are still screechingBut the miners are not fooled - they are still screechingGoannaCan you still spot me?Can you still spot me?GoannaI am staying here no matter what they thinkI am staying here no matter what they think

Goannas are not a bird's best friend. In fact birds do not like them at all as the goannas steal their eggs. This lovely creature lives around the paddocks and we have seen him grow bigger each year.  There was a time when he liked to sun bathe on a rock just outside the fence.  They have a good sense of territories, like all animals.  The goanna knew that our dogs Scotty and Benny could not go outside the fence and chase him like some other dogs. Though we had never known them to react to his presence.  The birds on the other hand combine forces to  chase him up and down the electric post and whenever they catch him getting a drink.

Bush folklore says that one should not stand still in the presence of a goanna because that leads them to  think that you are a tree and they will climb up you.  Yikes!

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